Join Our Junior Board of Directors!

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Junior Board Recruitment Timeline

  • 2/1: Junior Board Application Opens
  • 3/15: Junior Board Info Session – Join our virtual meeting to learn more! Register here to attend.
  • 4/14: Junior Board Application Closes
  • 6/30: Junior Board Member Selections

Junior Board Member Job Description

Responsible to:
1,000 Dreams Fund Board of Directors

1 year and may be re-elected for 3 successive terms.

1,000 Dreams Fund’s Junior Board brings fresh talent and perspectives to support the organization’s leadership while highlighting the next generation of philanthropic patrons. Junior Board Members serve as 1,000 Dreams Fund ambassadors bringing new ideas and vibrancy to the organization while helping to steer the mission and vision.

Annual Board “Give or Get”:

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Familiarize yourself with the 1,000 Dreams Fund’s mission, programs, and core values locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Serve as an active Junior Board member by attending 2 board meetings and TDB committee meetings a year.
  • Assist with recruitment and engagement of young donors and volunteers.
  • Provide advice and suggestions to the Board of Directors.
  • Assist in management of specific internal projects and campaigns overseen by the Board of Directors.
  • Gain exposure to leadership, strategic oversight, collaboration, influence and negotiation.
  • Opportunity to create, plan and participate in a variety of volunteer and awareness-raising activities and to plan and host fundraising events that support 1,000 Dreams Fund’s programs.
  • Assume leadership of Junior Board groups and events as requested (such as committee, task force, or special project chairs).
  • Work on committees/task forces where your interests, background and experience would be of value to assist 1,000 Dreams Fund in achieving goals.
  • Contribute to the annual fundraising campaigns at a level commensurate with your ability.
  • Assume an active role in the annual fundraising campaigns by providing suggestions as well as soliciting donations to accomplish 1,000 Dreams Fund’s mission.
  • Offer advice and suggestions for the policies and program efforts of 1,000 Dreams Fund ensuring alignment with our mission, goals and objectives.
  • Serve as an educated ambassador and advocate of 1,000 Dreams Fund in general and our association in particular.

Personal Attributes:

  • Young rising leader in the community wanting to immerse yourself in a cause you care about.
  • Exemplify the core values of 1DF and be a respected citizen by colleagues and the community.
  • Able to provide intellectual capital and insight from a diverse point of view.
  • Commitment to 1,000 Dreams Fund’s mission and impact.
  • Breadth of understanding and respect of the viewpoint of others.
  • Willing to state one’s convictions and equally willing to accept the majority decision when in conflict with one’s own stand.
  • Interest in the objectives and programs of the organization.
  • Deal openly and directly with the CEO and other Junior Board members when pleased or displeased.

Intended End Result:

  • Junior Board Members are recognized and highly regarded young volunteers and rising leaders in the community.
  • Junior Board Members bring their time, talent and treasure to the organization.
  • Junior Board Members perform as a team and work in conjunction with the Board of Directors.
  • Junior Board Members have the opportunity to gain mentorship from the Board of Directors.
  • Junior Board Members have the opportunity for hands-on leadership experience, which will grow their personal and professional networks.
  • Junior Board Members have the opportunity to hone and develop a unique skill set under the guidance of an experienced board member.
  • Junior Board Members’ individual meeting attendance is 90% or greater.
  • 100% of the Junior Board members participate in and contribute to the annual fundraising campaigns.
  • Junior Board Members cultivate their skills and under guidance ready themselves to be the next rising leaders in 1,000 Dreams Fund’s governance.
  • The resources of 1,000 Dreams Fund expands in an effort to more effectively serve talented young women in need as a whole.
  • 1,000 Dreams Fund’s image and impact is enhanced.

Meet Our Junior Board Co-Chairs

Cindy Wang

Cindy Wang currently works at a leading private equity firm in Legal & Compliance, with a focus on conflicts of interest and information risk management. Cindy graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2019 with a degree in Political Science and will be returning in the summer of 2023 as an incoming MBA/MA student in the Wharton/Lauder dual degree program in International Business. She currently resides in New York City but is a native Kansas Citian, where she first met 1DF founder Christie Garton in 2014 and later became one of 1DF’s first grant recipients. Inspired by 1DF’s mission to help young women achieve their dreams, Cindy has stayed involved in 1DF as a mentor, Student Advisory Board member, and now co-founder and Co-Chair of the 1DF Junior Board. Outside of volunteering with 1DF, Cindy also enjoys playing tennis, skiing and knitting in her free time.

Katherine Waltman

Katherine Waltman is a data scientist at an alternative investment management firm who works within the real estate sector. Katherine graduated with honors from the University of Pennsylvania with degrees in Biomedical Sciences (BAS) and Visual Studies from the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and Visual Studies from the College of Arts and Sciences, respectively. In her free time, Katherine enjoys exploring local museums and volunteering by cleaning local parks across New York City.

An Open Invitation from Our Junior Board Co-Chairs

Apply to Become a Junior Board of Director Member with 1,000 Dreams Fund!

Have you ever wanted to serve on a Board of Directors? As a former 1,000 Dreams Fund beneficiary, we are so excited to be in touch with you today with an AWESOME opportunity. My name is Cindy Wang, and I’m Katherine Waltman – and we’re excited to announce that 1,000 Dreams Fund is officially launching its very own Junior Board of Directors – AND YOU ARE INVITED TO APPLY!

Plus, we’re extra excited to deliver you this news, as the two of us are serving as the 2023 Junior Board Co-Chairs. Cindy was a previous 1,000 Dreams Fund beneficiary and Katherine has been a long-time friend who learned about 1DF through Cindy. We want to invite you to learn more about 1,000 Dreams Fund and this exclusive opportunity!

As many of you may know, 1,000 Dreams Fund (1DF) is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the dreams of talented young women in need by providing access to critical funding, resources and meaningful mentor relationships. So far, 1DF has granted over $750,000 to high school, college and graduate women across the US and facilitated over 500 hours of mentorship! You are part of this success.

In an effort to expand 1DF’s scope, we are so excited to help build the formation of 1,000 Dreams Fund’s Junior Board of Directors, which is targeted toward young professionals, like yourself. This is YOUR opportunity to make a difference in the lives of amazing young women who need a critical boost at a critical time while getting unparalleled access to a board training experience as a young professional!

Why join? Here’s what we are most excited about:

  • Work with like-minded individuals who care about the advancement of women in the workplace! There is so much work to be done.
  • Opportunities to train and gain hands-on leadership experience.
  • Learn to fundraise with a leading national nonprofit.
  • A chance to work with 1,000 Dreams Fund Board of Directors on national initiatives.
  • Invitation to attend the organization’s Annual Board Retreat.
  • Speaking invitation to our annual Student Leadership Summit
  • And so much more!

We are currently recruiting for a diverse group of 12 young professionals (women and allies!) who are passionate about advancing 1DF’s mission, are in line with 1DF’s core values and are interested in learning more about leadership and nonprofit management while contributing their ideas and talents. Members of the Junior Board will also work closely with 1DF’s Board of Directors, who serve in senior positions across a diverse range of industries – an invaluable and unique network of experienced mentors.

We invite you to review the opportunity and consider APPLYING TODAY.

In addition, we would love to invite you to attend our virtual info session on Wednesday, March 15 @ 5:30pm EST/ 4:30pm CST/ 2:30pm PST to learn more about the Junior Board and expected commitments.

  • To sign up, please REGISTER HERE.  Please note: you do NOT have to attend the session or wait for the session in order to apply. If interested, we encourage you to apply now for this select group and awesome opportunity to give back.

We are passionate about 1,000 Dreams Fund’s important work, and we hope you will join us in furthering its mission through your involvement in the inaugural launch of our Junior Board.

We look forward to receiving your application, and hopefully meeting you soon!



Cindy Wang and Katherine Waltman

1DF Junior Board of Directors Co-Chairs