Impact Story: Meet Junae B. — From BroadcastHER Grant Winner to EMEA Community Assistant

As our EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) community assistant, Junae B. is our newest member of the 1,000 Dreams Fund team — and, just like us, she has always been committed to helping women reach their dreams in the gaming industry. Through her dedication and passion we were thrilled to be able to invite Junae to join our team, and attend a very special event in Istanbul with us — as a previous BroadcastHER Grant recipient herself!

From starting a Gaming Lounge in 2015 that’s geared towards women, to winning our BroadcastHER Grant in 2020, to her documentary about women in the gaming industry in 2023, she has always been fueled by her goal to be surrounded by geeky, tech-driven women. 

Her latest adventure with 1DF is via our partnership with Riot Games for our first-ever Riot Games Esports Broadcasting Cadetship to help accelerate the careers of women in the esports production industry. 

After joining us for the first event in Istanbul, Turkey — the Valorant Game Changers Championship — she wrote a heartfelt post about how she would not be here without the 1,000 Dreams Fund. You can read it here.

“Being around women is what initially inspired me to get involved in 1DF — even if I hadn’t won the [BroadcastHER] Grant, I knew I wanted to be a part of the community,” she told us. But, winning the grant helped propel her forward!

Junae (left) with Ashley, Riot Games event organizer

“The grant has impacted my career so much, because it led me to be a better content creator,” she said. “I used to have a PC that could only play League of Legends and barely stream. Now, I have a beast of a PC  that has helped me get featured in WIRED, PC Gamer — plus Tom’s Hardware, Ubisoft, and so many other places.”

But, it was her passion for reaching more women while pursuing the path of her dreams that led her to jump on the Community Assistant opportunity when it became available — and she has been making the rounds! 

“I usually get to travel for esports, but I never thought I would go to Turkey for gaming!” Junae said. “It’s truly a blessing to go to the Valorant Championship and connect with gamers. Plus, I was able to reconnect with people I met at the Game Developers Conference (GDC)… Imagine meeting someone in San Francisco and then again in Istanbul. I think this is what they mean when they say the gaming industry is small — and so is the world!”

Left to right: Hina, an esports enthusiasts and content creator; Junae; and Ceren at the Valorant Game Changers Championship in Istanbul

In addition to her exciting travels, Junae has been most inspired by an after school program she was involved in. She was able to teach coding to underrepresented communities and introduce them to STEM and video games — all without charging the students, as the program was funded by the city. “This is one of my biggest accomplishments because I love kids and I love technology — and I was helping advance underrepresented communities,” she said.

Striking a pose in Istanbul

For Junae, being in Europe with the 1,000 Dreams Fund allows her to approach a different gaming community. “I’m more excited about the future now than ever,” she added. “It’s going to be challenging, but I’m excited to see what the EMEA gaming community can teach me and what I can bring to it — especially in a place like Africa. I’ve always wanted to go to Ghana, Kenya, and Gambia — and I want to see what their gaming community is like.”

Left to right: Farrah (Riot Games), Junae, and Charlotte (Riot Games)

Congratulations, Junae! We are so inspired by your work and glad you’re part of the 1DF team. We cannot wait to see what you do next!

To learn more about 1,000 Dreams Fund and how you can support our work to fuel the deserving dreams of talented women, click here.