Impact Story: Meet Gaby — A 1,000 Dreams Fund Student Advisory Board Member

Gaby (middle) hosted a Women’s Empowerment Fundraiser with some of her classmates

1,000 Dreams Fund is proud to host several student leadership development opportunities for our members year-round from our annual Student Leadership Summit to our Student Advisory Board (SAB), which brings together 50 students from across the country to work directly with 1DF on projects throughout the academic year. 

Gaby, a 2023-2024 Student Advisory Board member, was originally drawn to 1,000 Dreams Fund because she could serve as a campus ambassador while helping other young women in academia — especially in the STEAM fields, law, and political science. Her work with 1DF this year exemplifies the power of our SAB program.

As a biomolecular chemical engineering student in LSU’s Ogden Honors College, she dreams of becoming a NASA astronaut, engineer, or public policy leader. She’s also passionate about helping others.   

“I am excited to see more women getting their hands on opportunities that will better their education and support them on their journeys to their goals,” she says.

For that reason, she also serves as a Freshman Ambassador for the LSU Society of Women Engineers.

This passion for supporting women led her to recently host a fundraiser for 1,000 Dreams Fund at her school, an activity that is encouraged of our members. The idea for the fundraiser was prompted by an honors class she took called “Reacting to the Past”.

Gaby (left) with some of her Reacting the the Past classmates

During the second half of the semester, we semi-simulated the women’s suffrage movement in Greenwich Village and I was chosen as one of three people in the suffrage faction: Crystal Eastman,” said Gaby.

Eastman was the organizer of the fundraiser for the National American Woman Suffrage Association’s (NAWSA) national women’s rights procession in Washington D.C.

“Similar to Ms. Eastman, I thought that I could hold a fundraiser for 1DF, since I was on the board,” she added. “Thus, I gathered my other two suffrage team members and classmates to host the fundraiser outside the student union.”

Spreading the word about the fundraiser!

 Despite some challenging rainy weather, Gaby and her fundraising team prevailed with a goal of $150. Ultimately, this project not only allowed me to support other women in higher education, but that also reminded me I can do anything that I set my mind and heart to,” said Gaby.

We love this story because it showcases what our students can accomplish with creativity, hard work and a lot of heart — and we’re so fortunate to have Gaby on the 1,000 Dreams Fund Student Advisory Board. Learn more about our Student Advisory Board here.