How Our 1,000 Dreams Fund Beneficiaries ‘Dare to Dream’

This March — Women’s History Month — we’re not only celebrating female empowerment but we’re also doubling down on supporting the dreams of talented young women in need through our Dare to Dream fundraiser.

Thousands of women with inspiring dreams from all walks of life and from cities, large and small, across the country apply to our programs each year. They dare to dream because we dare to dream. 

We want to introduce you to just a few of the talented women we’ve already funded — thanks to all our fundraisers and supporters.

Kaylin, a New Face of Tech, is currently living out her dream as a full-time web developer while mentoring women who are interested in tech careers. The support she received from 1DF has been instrumental in her journey.


Bruna is another New Face of Tech who also serves on our Student Advisory Board. The funding she received is helping her pursue her dreams as a mechanical engineering student at University of Michigan.


Another one of our Student Advisory Board members, Ginger Girard, is in her second year pursuing her Juris Master degree in legal studies at Cornell Law School and has made incredible connections and friendships while gaining invaluable experience — like participating in our scholarship review process.


Erika, a New Face of Tech, is in her second year of the Biomedical Engineering Ph. D. program at the University of Georgia (UGA), working in Dr. Cheryl Gomillion’s Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine lab. Her professional aspirations lie at the intersection of groundbreaking tissue engineering and the cultivation of future engineering talent — and we’re thrilled to help support her path.


This is just a small snapshot of the incredible impact we are having on our beneficiaries thanks to your support! We are truly changing lives by helping make dreams come true!

We invite you to join us throughout the entire Women’s History Month in helping us support more brave young women who Dare to Dream with your donation!