This holiday season you can help young women reach their dreams!

No matter their economic status, the majority of young women know that a college degree is necessary for a career.  They’ve heard and read about the high cost of college tuition and room/board.  They know they have to buy books, but they still may be shocked at the sticker price.

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It’s the hidden fees that bite college students, things like moving costs and furnishing that dorm room.  There are costs that hit before young women ever step foot on campus, such as exam prep fees and prospective college visits.

And once they’re in school, will they be able to afford to take an unpaid internship to be considered for a desirable job once they graduate?  What about studying abroad for a year?  Once considered a luxury, that year abroad is now a necessity to stay competitive in many career fields.

How are all these “hidden” basics funded?  Many American families simply can’t afford to cover them.

That’s where 1,000 Dreams Fund steps in.  We fund micro grants to young women to help them fulfill their dreams of higher education.  Some are tiny grants of $250 to pay for a college preparatory exam class.  Some are more substantial, such as a $2000 award to fund a college visit prior to enrollment.

Take Mia, for instance. An aspiring pediatrician, Mia dreamed of attending a school with an excellent medical program, but she had no means of visiting universities outside of her hometown.


With a grant from 1,000 Dreams Fund, Mia was able to visit distant colleges, allowing her the same in-depth experience that more financially fortunate high schoolers enjoy before selecting a university. “You can like a college from what you see online, but actually being there, and seeing what goes on, helps you find the best place to pursue your dream,” she told us.

There are hundreds of stories from girls just like Mia, young women who have been helped by the 1000 Dreams Fund. Strong, capable, smart, sassy, and ready to take on the world – but they just need a little help to make that happen.

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Our goal is to help young women realize their dreams every day – just as many we possibly can.

Christie Garton, Founder & CEO of the 1,000 Dreams Fund