A photo before our LIVE 1DF-Twitch Student Scholarship Announcement. Left to Right: Noor Jehangir - Allied Esports Caster; Jud Hannigan - Allied Esports CEO; Christie Garton - 1,000 Dreams Fund Founder & CEO; @keekeexbabyy. Top Row: @DeviantDreamers, @Pierogee

On Friday, June 11, we paid our second visit in 2021 to the HyperX Esports Arena in Las Vegas with our BroadcastHER Academy Fellows.

This time, we brought along our 2021 Fellows @deviantdreamers, @keekeexbabyy, and @pierogee for all the gaming fun to meet 1,000 Dreams Fund founder and CEO Christie Garton and the Allied Esports team — our hosts for the day!

If you’ve been following our BroadcastHER Initiative updates, you know this INCREDIBLE trip is part of the prize package for our BroadcastHER Academy Fellowship Program, powered by Allied Esports and HyperX, which we launched to help women reach their career goals in esports and gaming. 

The itinerary is what esports career dreams are made of.

Take a look at this lineup!

We kicked things off with grand tour of the HyperX Esports Arena, given by the Allied Esports team.

Next, the Fellows got to participate in a livestream event, hosted on Twitch’s homepage, featuring our Fellows, Christie, and Allied Esports CEO Jud Hannigan. We unveiled and celebrated our first class of 1,000 Dreams Fund – Twitch Student Scholarship winners! You can watch a replay of that event here!

HyperX’s Head of Strategic Alliances Wendy Lecot led a virtual focus group and 1:1 mentorship session with our Fellows. This session was then followed by another mentorship session with Allied Esports CEO Jud Hannigan.

Jud Hannigan, Allied Esports CEO, provided his insight and career advice to our three fellows in this special mentorship session.

Our fellows shadowed Allied Esports team members at the arena and were matched up based on their career goals and aspirations.

@Pierogee at her shadowing session with Allied Esports staff; all of the BroadcastHER Fellows on site got this exclusive experience!

Closing out the visit, the Fellows were then celebrated with an on-stage presentation and interviews at the Arena and also helped produce the Challenger’s Crown Tournament. And, to top it off, @keekeexbabyy placed in the top 10 for the Tekken Tournament along with casting Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

@keekeexbabyy is interviewed by Allied Esports staff about her BroadcastHER Academy Fellowship.

You can read about our first BroadcastHER Academy trip of 2021 here as well as our 2020 BroadcastHER Academy trips here! Learn all about the BroadcastHER Academy Fellowship Program here.

@DeviantDreamers, and our other BroadcastHER Fellows, had a special on-stage moment with 1DF founder and CEO Christie Garton to officially accept their BroadcastHER Academy checks!

And, check out the on-stage moment with Christie Garton and Allied Esports Caster Noor Jehangir along with our Fellows! (fast forward to the 10-minute mark where the coverage kicks off!).

Thanks again to our partners at Allied Esports and HyperX for making this trip such an amazing experience again for our BroadcastHER Academy Fellows. We can’t wait for our final visit later this year!