Happy Streams for Dreams! 1,000 Dreams Fund + Twitch Aim to Make History this Women’s History 2019

Happy Streams for Dreams! Women’s History Month is here and 1,000 Dreams Fund, in partnership with Twitch, wants to help young women who are making their mark in broadcasting and gaming.

Our 2019 Streams for Dreams Fundraiser is our month-long, annual charity event that aims to showcase the incredible breadth and depth of talented female broadcasters across the globe while raising funds for our 1DF-Twitch BroadcastHER Grant Program, which is specifically for female broadcasters on Twitch.

Our goal for 2019 is to reach $50,000, so that we can fund the dreams of even more women in broadcasting and gaming this year.

Did you know that more than $30,000 was granted to female broadcasters in 2018 thanks to the incredible support we received during our inaugural Streams for Dreams event last March, which raised more than $44,000 in one month!

Want to join in the fun? You can directly sign up via Tiltify for Streams for Dreams 2019.

If you are already signed up, look out for an email with more details!

This year, we are providing an overlay again which you can find here with instructions as well as a folder of graphic assets you may want to use during your time fundraising.

Make sure to tune into our Twitch channel all month to support and cheer along our fundraisers!

Thanks for supporting our mission to fund and fuel the broadcasting and gaming dreams of more women in 2019!