b'Mentor HER: Connecting High Potential Women to Life-Changing MentorsTogether we provided over 500 hours of MENTORSHIP. I really enjoyed having an honest, candid conversation. My Seventy percent of young women in the U.S.biggest takeaway was to not forget to really take time for say they do not have a workplace mentor. yourself and explore all that you can in these four years of 1,000 Dreams Funds State of the American Girl Researchcollege.Mentorship is a critical component of our mission-driven work. Aneekah, 20 Our MentorHER Initiative focuses on virtual mentorship sessions between well-matched mentors and mentees based oncareer goals and backgrounds. This program serves as an unmatched pipeline opportunity for our corporate partners to team up and mentor the talented young women we serve. What I enjoyed most was having a conversation with my Over the course of the year, MentorHER connects our partner companies and their employeesmentor. He is an amazing and inspirational person. Hes to college or graduate students or early-stage professionals for 1:1, 60-minute virtual mentoringmade me feel more confident in myself and given me so sessions, reinforcing the notion that even a small amount of time can make a big impact. many wonderful pieces of advice. My biggest takeaway is This program has opened so many doors to students who are unaware of the intricacies of thethat every person is unique in their own way, and they are industries in which they aspire to work as well as actual internship and job opportunities.capable of achieving whatever they want if they have the In several cases, students have been offered internship and employment opportunities duringdesire, genuine passion, and good intention.their mentorship session!June, 18 1,000 Dreams Fund partners with companies and nonprofit organizations nationwide to serve as mentors to our students, including our annual Title Sponsor Colgate-Palmolive. I really enjoyed the dedicated time and space to speak withthe mentor without the typical time pressures when calls are arranged between the mentor/mentee. An hour is typ-My biggest takeaway was to be confident in yourself. Iically much longer than normal for these types of calls, so really appreciate the responses I was able to get whenit was great to have the facilitation. Kathryn and I explored asked about being a working woman in the industry.concepts from undergrad to late-stage legal careers, so be-Overall this was such an empowering, inspirational ex- ing able to cover the full scope of what my next 10-15 years perience and Im so glad to have been a part of it. could potentially look like was particularly insightful.Bronte, 20 Laura, 19 6 6 7 7'