b'Fund HER: Microgrants & Scholarships that Fuel Her Educational DreamsTogether we provided over $735,000 of MICROGRANTS. PROGRAM SPOTLIGHT: Paliwal Club of 100 STEM & Music There are more than 20 million high school, college-age, and graduate level women in the U.S.,Scholars Fundseach of whom has her own hopes and dreams. However, with limited expendable income andFor women who are interested in a male-dominated field, the barriers the high cost of higher education, these dreams can be out of reach. Moreover, there are manyto entry can be stifling. Our various pipeline programs help open burgeoning career opportunities in tech and nascent fields of gaming and esports where women aredoors and introduce young women to careers to which they aspire, sorely underrepresented. especially in the fields of STEAM (science, tech, engineering,arts,70%+ 86%74% and math).of students lack easyof students say thatsay that theyve had to access to funding extracurriculars areturn them down due toimportant to their future lack of moneySource: 1,000 Dreams Funds State of the American Girl Research We should cherish our differences and unique back-grounds, not be ashamed of them. With the Paliwal 1,000 Dreams Funds model is to empower women to change that. 1,000 Dreams Fund has multipleClub of 100 Scholarship I received, I attended a summer grant and scholarship programs that provide young women with microgrants. These are necessary,coursea summer course where students from different but often overlooked extracurricular costs that can help these women thrivelike books andcountries work on space projects. By bringing together resources, travel, conferences and educational training and certifications, equipment, and more!our minds, ideas, and hard work, we want to speed up Over and over, we have seen our investments make a big impact in young womens lives.PROGRAM SPOTLIGHT: Project: Girls On the Rise peaceful space exploration.Maria, 27 | Paliwal Club of 100 S.T.E.A.M. Scholarship WinnerOur College Readiness Program Project: GirlsOn the Rise was created for college-bound women in need to ensure that they have access to the right resources they needlike test prep, college visits, tutoring, tech devices or otherwisewhen deciding their best fit college, university, or other institution of higher education or training. Neither of my parents are college graduates and for me to do this for myself and for them means a lot. I always wanted to go to college and become a nurse and Im so grateful to receive this help along the way.1,000 Dreams Fund Hosted First-Ever Meeting with Paliwal Club of 100 Scholars in NYC in 2022 Estriana, 17 | Project: Girls on the Rise Grant Recipient4 4 5 5'