b'Our Mission, Our Vision, Our Values What We DoAll dreams matter. 1,000 Dreams is our bold goal to empower women nationwide Our Missionand globally with scholarship funding, mentorship, and career To support dreams of talented young women in need by providing access to critical funding,development opportunities.resources and meaningful mentor relationships. Our Impact is Achieved through Strategic Investments Programming Backed by Research We did extensive research with current students about their greatest struggles and barriers they facein Women & Girlson the path to their dreams before launching the organization over 5 years ago. Our findings wereThrough our research, we know that lack of access to funding, mentors and other critical resources can illuminating and have informed our work at 1,000 Dreams Fund. prevent even the most worthy of dreams from being reached. It is why we have chosen to focus our Here are some research highlights:First-generation college students lack access to funding for extracurricular opportunities: 77% of first-gen students believe that extracurricular activities are very important to post-graduation professional goals. However only 15% of these respondents were able to access these opportunitiesOut-of-classroom, experiential opportunities are important to future success but often go unfunded, especially for minority and first-gen students.College visits are important: Over 68% of students say college visits were helpful in their decisionFundHER:MentorHER:HireHER: in terms of finding their best fit school. Microgrants and Scholarships1:1 Mentorship Sessions withExperiential Learning Opportunities that Fuel Her EducationalWell-Match Mentors that Lead to EmploymentThrough our ongoing State of the Girl research series, we will continue to uncover the challenges facingDreamsyoung women in America today, when it comes to their education, access to opportunity, funding, and more. At 1,000 Dreams Fund, we believe that big obstacles should never stand in the way of big dreams, Who We Serveespecially for students who are underserved and underrepresented. Each and every investment we make is directed to one individual with one special dream - and her story matters.We support high school, college and graduate-school aged women in need, who are deserving and can benefit most from our support, including: In the following pages, you will learn more about the impact we are making together for these women through our innovative programs and their inspiring stories.WE HAVE MADE GRANTSWE HAVE PROVIDED OVER WE HAVE GRANTED OUT OVERWOMEN OF COLOR DIVERSE AREASFIRST GENERATION10 & 4 500+ $735,000OF STUDY COLLEGE STUDENTS TO WOMEN IN 1Industries Where Women Are UnderrepresentedAll dreams matter. While 1,000 Dreams Fund supports women pursuing their career goals andCountries States, includingHours of Mentorship since our launch!D.C. & Puerto Ricoaspirations across a variety of industries, we have taken a particular focus on serving women in industries in which women remain underrepresented, including the S.T.E.A.M. (science, tech, engineering, arts and math) fields, gaming esports and more.2 2 3 3'