b'Table of Contents Letter From the Founder & CEOText hereIt doesnt take a whole lot to make a big difference.We hope that you enjoy this glimpse inside 1,000 Dreams Fund as we celebrate six years of making dreams come true for young women! It has been an inspiring six years and, despite the unexpected, unpredictable circumstances resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic where the need became even greater, we are thrivingand we are helping others do the same.As you read through this Annual Report, I hope that you will take a moment to place your-self within the broader picture of our impact. As a supporter of our work, you play a critical role in our ability to open as many doors as possible for young women. We thank you for your partnership, and we invite you to visit www.1000dreamsfund.org/annualreport for additional details.Our mission is to open as many doors as possible for women through the programs weve developed at 1,000 Dreams Fund. We have been able to grow in important ways to better serve our beneficiaries since our launch, and weve implemented transformative programs and funding opportunities and positively impacted countless young women with big dreams.Heres to another amazing six years of impact!Christie GartonFounder & CEO1,000 Dreams Fund1'