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Apply to be on our 2023 Dream Team!

Our Dream Team is a special team dedicated to serving as exemplified leaders for women and folks in esports, gaming, broadcasting, and beyond through their support of our Gaming & Esports Initiative!

In 2023, for the first-time-ever, we will be recruiting members for our FPS competitive team that will be invited to take part in tournaments, events, and even in-person LANs on behalf of our Dream Team. These members will get some amazing opportunities as they help us make dreams come true through their engagement throughout the year both at in-person event(s) and with 1DF hosted programs!

Our Dream Team is planned to run monthly March – December 2023, and may have some other additional pop-up opportunities throughout the year. Applications close April 14th, 2023.

We are currently on the search for folks interested in participating on a team for Valorant, Overwatch 2, Fortnite, or Apex Legends.



Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, whatever you'd like to share here for consideration. 🙂
Please feel free to list ALL - no matter your rank, skill, etc!
By applying you are agreeing that you align with 1,000 Dreams Fund’s values, mission, and goals.(Required)
By applying you are agreeing to being willing to travel for at least two events in 2023, based on opportunity.(Required)
By applying you are agreeing to take part in at least one additional 1,000 Dreams Fund event in 2023 as part of your responsibilities as a Dream Team member.(Required)
This can be a fundraiser, panel, event, etc.
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