Dare to Dream this Women’s History Month with this 1,000 Dreams Fund Fundraiser

We don’t like to play favorites but we are partial to the month of March here at 1,000 Dreams Fund because it’s Women’s History Month.

It is the perfect opportunity to celebrate female empowerment and double-down on supporting the dreams of talented young women in need while celebrating the dreams we’ve already funded — thanks to all our fundraisers and supporters.

This is important work because causes and organizations focused on women and girls receive less than 2%  of all charitable donations – less than 2%!

With our “Dare to Dream” Women’s History Month Fundraiser, we are providing access to critical funding and resources along with meaningful mentor relationships. We invite you to help us support more women who dare to dream with your donation today!

Just look at what happens when we DARE TO DREAM!

Money was always an issue growing up and one thing I had to face a lot during my college journey was that I sometimes didn’t have enough money for basic necessities. The 1,000 Dreams Fund Scholarship granted me the ability to afford my necessities, books, and supplies for the spring semester, which was incredibly useful. I was given a chance to focus on my academics over financial burdens in a time when things were incredibly difficult.

-Linda G. (New Face of Tech – 2019)

Traveling to Las Vegas [with a travel grant from 1,000 Dreams Fund] solidified that I want to work in esports, esports production, and content creation. Since then, I have graduated and become an Esport Coordinator, and now I plan on branching out into content creation and digital art. 

-Emily O. (BroadcastHER Grant – 2018)

With the Paliwal Club of 100 Scholarship, I was able to successfully complete my first large-scale installation and public exhibition at a much higher level of quality than would have otherwise been possible. Then, I was able to take that work and experience to receive two additional solo exhibitions, including my first public art work. It’s made an incredible impact on my professional trajectory, increasing both the scope and scale of my work and accessibility to the art world as a non-traditional graduate student. 

-Sarah D. (Paliwal Club of 100 – 2020)

These are just a small snapshot of the incredible impact we are having on our beneficiaries thanks to your support! We are truly changing lives by helping make dreams come true!

We invite you to join us this Women’s History Month in helping us support more brave young women who Dare to Dream with your donation today!