Celebrating our Streams For Dreams ‘Summer Streams’ Fundraiser

Last week, we hosted a special summer edition of our Streams for Dreams fundraiser, Summer Streams, directly benefiting the Twitch community through our BroadcastHER Grant — and, it was almost too hot to handle!

In just 36 hours, we raised close to $11,000!!

Our twelve hosts and fundraisers — some of whom have been funded by the BroadcastHER Grant and BroadcastHER Academy — were on fire during their selected broadcast times.

And, we were so thrilled to see YOU show up to the streams and continue our commitment to elevating women in the digital broadcasting and gaming space with this summer fundraiser.

Here are some of our favorite highlights:

This BroadcastHER LIVE Host and BroadcastHER Academy recipient celebrated STEM and Summer Streams by hosting some science experiments on her channel as incentives for donating.

An avocado costume? YES. You have to what happens when this Twitch partner and Summer Streams fundraiser hit her $500 incentive goal, leading to her very own, very special rendition of “Just Dance.”

Speaking of musical antics, this Twitch partner and musician celebrated one of her donation milestones by playing a song on the ukulele — behind her head!

Saturday Night Fever reigned supreme when this Twitch partner and musician threw a disco party on her stream while playing her rendition of “Barbie Girl”.

At 1,000 Dreams Fund, we love having fun AND making the dreams of young women come true. Many thanks to our broadcasters and our supporters who donated to Summer Streams.