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BroadcastHER Dream Team

Our BroadcastHER Dream Team is a special Stream Team dedicated to serving as exemplified leaders for women and non-men in esports, gaming, broadcasting, and beyond through their support of the BroadcastHER Initiative! These members will get a behind-the-scenes look at all things BroadcastHER and 1DF as they help us make dreams come true through planning, outreach, and much more!

In 2021, our first dedicated team of ambassadors was created – get to know them below!


@Zeloinator, or “Zee” is a physically disabled gamer who started as an esports watcher, realizing that there should also be the same opportunities for the disabled community. Zee dreams of being a part of the change to allow EVERYONE the ability to play video games & compete!


@UnvisibleGirl is a trans gal who has been a gamer since they were little! Her love for exploration and creation within video games led to her passion of making art from these titles. She dreams of creating things and helping others.


@TrickingLoki is a librarian by day and everything else by night! She enjoys tricking people into learning, being a loud and proud ace, & honing her artistic and acting skills. She dreams of inspiring the love of learning and teaching in others!


@thenovalux, or Lindsey, is currently double majoring in Communications and Theater Design all while broadcasting right on Twitch (since 2019)! Lindsey dreams of fostering spaces in the games industry in which women feel accepted and empowered.


@PopNoTarts is a content creator, blogger, & musician – you can find her playing a variety of games along with her favorite SEGA franchises. She hopes her online presence can encourage people to think critically about how media can affect our biases & issues of representation!


@KallistaKaines is a woman with a passion for video game lore, JRPGs, fanfiction, and cosplay! She dreams of helping provide the opportunities and tools for women to pursue their dreams in the gaming industry!


@Imfamousx1x is a variety content creator, cosplay/model, photographer, & mother. She supports diversity, mental health awareness, loving individuality, & gaming as a parent! Her dream is to have others understand that we all have a story & it should be told through our voice.


@erezebeta, or Beta, previously worked at local Animal Care Centers! She was diagnosed with a demyelinating disease in 2018, with a year off this led her to finding her passion in content creation. She now uses both of her loves to advocate for animals while creating content!


@CamillaPanda has a degree in Interactive Multimedia & a minor in Women & Gender Studies. She is very passionate about equitable STEM education for all – working closely with robotics. She dreams of creating a space where everyone can be themselves & make a positive change!


@blackwhimsy is part time content creator & a full time magical girl! She loves streaming, anime, drawing, food, & creating fun content. She dreams of making gaming what it was truly meant to be – an inclusive, diverse, & accepting place for ALL to have fun and come together!

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