Bridging the Gender Gap: 1,000 Dreams Fund Hosted a Timely Panel Discussion at LVL UP EXPO

In April, 1,000 Dreams Fund was honored to receive an invitation from the 2024 LVL UP EXPO planners to host a timely and important “Bridging the Gender Gap” panel discussion in Las Vegas. 

LVL UP EXPO is a three-day event for the gaming industry helping competitors, collectors, fans, and brands to celebrate the world of gaming, anime, pop culture, and more.

With more than 100,000 attendees over the span of three days, LVL UP EXPO wanted 1DF to share more about the important work we do to help bridge the gap in these fields for women who go underrepresented, underpaid, and often feel misplaced.

We invited four esteemed women leaders from the 1DF network to join 1DF Programs Manager, Chelsea Larsuel, who moderated the panel, to speak about the importance of gender equity across all industries. As the gender gap continues to widen, it is imperative to acknowledge the remarkable contributions made by inspiring women in bridging this divide.

 Our panelists included:

  • Arthi ChandranDivisional Vice President of Health Economics and Reimbursement, Abbott 
  • Mimi LiVice President of Data, HackerOne 
  • Addy LaiLive Event Broadcast Technician & Experiential Event Organizer, Addy Rose Co.
  • Laura HassertProject Manager, Estars Studios

These accomplished women shared their personal journeys of overcoming obstacles while offering invaluable insights and practical advice on navigating challenges in various fields from health care to tech.

“We are a sum of our experiences and there is no faster way to grow than to learn from the experiences of others,” said Arthi. “I was honored to be asked to share my story and hope that my journey helped someone navigate their own!”

 During the panel, we also explored actionable strategies for building bridges of opportunity while empowering others to drive positive change.

“As a female in the esports industry, it’s important to share our stories, support one another and push for change,” said Laura. “Never let someone dim your light!”

We’re so grateful to our four panelists and for everyone who attended this game-changing discussion. We thank our LVL UP EXPO partners for having us and can’t wait to continue highlighting voices in this critical conversation about gender equity!