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Board of Directors Recruitment Timeline

  • 4/07: Board of Directors Application Opens
  • 5/26: Board of Directors Application Closes

Board Member Job Description

Responsible to:

3 years and may be re-elected for 3 successive terms.

Determine the planning and policy decisions, assure adequate resources, monitor and sanction activities.

Annual Board “Give or Get”:

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Familiarize yourself with 1,000 Dreams Fund’s mission, programs, and core values locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Serve as an active board member by attending 2 board meetings and TDB committee meetings a year.
  • Become informed in advance of agenda items for all board, committee and task force meetings.
  • Ask discerning questions, constructively participate in deliberations, and vote according to your convictions.
  • Assume leadership of board groups and events as requested (such as committee, task force, or special project chairs).
  • Assume a major responsibility on at least one committee or task force.
  • Work on committees/task forces where your interests, background and experience would be of value to assist 1,000 Dreams Fund in achieving its goals.
  • Contribute to the annual fundraising campaign at a level commensurate with your ability.
  • Assume an active role in the annual fundraising campaign by providing leadership as well as soliciting donations to accomplish 1,000 Dreams Fund’s mission.
  • Employ, monitor and evaluate the CEO in conjunction with other board members.
  • Ensure the budget, policies, and program efforts are consistent with 1,000 Dreams Fund’s mission, goals and objectives.
  • Serve as an educated ambassador of 1,000 Dreams Fund in general and our association in particular.

Personal Attributes:

  • Exemplify the core values of 1,000 Dreams Fund and be a respected citizen by colleagues and the community.
  • Commitment to 1,000 Dreams Fund’s mission and impact.
  • Breadth of understanding and respect of the viewpoint of others.
  • Willing to state one’s convictions and equally willing to accept the majority decision when in conflict with one’s own stand.
  • Interest in the objectives and programs of the organization.
  • Deal openly and directly with the CEO and other board members when pleased or displeased.

Intended End Result:

  • Board of Directors is a recognized and highly regarded volunteer leadership opportunity in the community.
  • Board of Directors performs as a team.
  • Board of Directors individual meeting attendance is 90% or greater.
  • 1,000 Dreams Fund’s image and impact is enhanced.
  • 100% of the board participates in and contributes to the annual fundraising campaign.
  • The resources of 1,000 Dreams Fund expands in an effort to more effectively serve talented young women in need as a whole.


For any questons, please contact us at development@1000dreamsfund.org

Meet Our Current Board of Directors

Jaclyn Berryman

Senior Director, Digital Communications, TIAA

Kristina Campbell

Chief Financial Officer, Ripple

Arthi Chandran

VP and Department Head, Health Economics & Outcomes Research, BD

Stephanie Connolly

Senior Vice President of Marketing, Front Office Sports

Taylor Martin

Private Equity Investor at Fairview Capital Partners

Adaora Ogbue

Director, Investment Strategy, Equality Fund

Shriya Paliwal

Vice President, Goldman Sachs

Philip Perkins

Financial Executive

Angela Santiago

Senior Manager, Marketing & Customer Experience Transformation Lead, Accenture Song

Dr. Amitabh Sharma

Founder and CEO- STEM Academy of USA

Sophia Teixeira

Managing Director, LOOP Digital

Fedra Witting

Managing Member, Fedra Witting DDS, LLC
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