School is officially back in session!  At 1,000 Dreams Fund, we’re particularly fond of this time of year because it kickstarts another season of making dreams come true. The young women who we are funding with life-changing microgrants, inspiring through mentorship, and uplifting through hands-on learning opportunities are moving Full Dream Ahead — and we

Do you have your sights set on that dream job that you can’t stop thinking about? We’re here to help! 1,000 Dreams Fund and Colgate-Palmolive are teaming up for an exclusive career development workshop opportunity for women students in the U.S. called MentorHER: Get Your Dream Job. This FREE online workshop will take place on

Our SECOND visit of the year to the HyperX Arena in Las Vegas for our BroadcastHER Academy Trip was a hot one! And so cool, too! (You can see the recap of our first trip of the year here.) On this trip, we brought four of our 2023 BroadcastHER Academy Fellows, including @zhobiii (they/them), @MaterialGirlB,

We created the ElevateHER Awards to celebrate leaders who are championing women within their industries and various communities. The program recognizes established professionals who are making major strides in their industries while serving as a leading advocate for the advancement of women in the workplace and their communities. ElevateHER Award recipients are innovators who continue to

1,000 Dreams Fund is thrilled to announce our 2023 additions to our BroadcastHER Initiative Dream Team — a dedicated group of women & femmes who serve as ambassadors in esports, broadcasting, and gaming who are helping us make dreams come true through their support of our BroadcastHER Initiative. These members will get a behind-the-scenes look

It’s that time of the summer, where we get to introduce you to a new class of very deserving 1,000 Dreams Scholarship Fund recipients. Just like every year, we are so inspired by our 2023 winners who have so many inspiring dreams for college and beyond. As our flagship scholarship program, the 1,000 Dreams Scholarship

We are thrilled to launch our first-ever Junior Board of Directors with an incredible group of 13 young professionals who are community leaders in their own right and will be helping 1,000 Dreams Fund grow our impact. Our passion behind this Junior Board is to bring in fresh talent and perspectives to support our organization’s

Interested in joining a network of young women changing the world?!  We are looking for young women from all 50 states to represent 1,000 Dreams Fund on our Student Advisory Board (SAB) for the 2023-2024 school year. This is your ticket to making an impact. It’s an exciting opportunity to make new connections, find mentorships,

We have an incredible group for you to meet — our 2023 BroadcastHER Leadership Council! This is our second year to recruit for this “dream team” — and these council members truly are a DREAM TEAM.  They’re dedicated to supporting the mission of 1,000 Dreams Fund (1DF) by providing an expanded professional network for our women along

@simplyheidi (right) at the HyperX Arena

1,000 Dreams Fund was thrilled to recently announce the Year 5 return of our ground-breaking BroadcastHER Academy Esports & Gaming Fellowship (powered by Allied Gaming & Entertainment and HyperX) and our first three Fellows to the program this year, including @simplyheidi. This 22-year-old is currently in her last semester at college and will be graduating