Interested in joining a network of young women changing the world?! 

We are looking for young women from all 50 states to represent 1,000 Dreams Fund on our Student Advisory Board (SAB) for the 2023-2024 school year.

This is your ticket to making an impact. It’s an exciting opportunity to make new connections, find mentorships, and learn about scholarships — while helping others do the same! 

You’ll also gain invaluable experience for your next internship or job!

AND NEW THIS YEAR: Each of our 2023-2024 SAB members will be eligible for a $500 travel stipend to travel to our annual Student Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C.!

Board members get in on the ground floor of our innovative organization that helps young women in the U.S. achieve their dreams.  

We prioritize giving our SAB a number of unparalleled experiences to take the next steps in their own careers, including:

  • Access to 1DF’s professional advisory board for mentoring, career advice, and internship opportunities
  • Resume-ready work experience
  • Opportunity to participate in our scholarship review process and determination — a great experience for those interested in serving on boards or working in the nonprofit space!
  • Event planning and fundraising experience
  • First look at social media challenges
  • Special status call for board members only
  • Exclusive publishing opportunities
  • Listing on 1,000 Dreams Fund’s website
  • Professional development
  • PLUS, you’ll be positively impacting the lives of other young women!

Here’s a checklist for success in your SAB application:

  • You are a U.S.-based woman in high school, college, or graduate school — or a recent graduate! — with a passion for helping young women reach their dreams.
  • You have excellent communication skills.
  • You have an active interest in social media.
  • You are interested in fundraising and helping recruit new 1DF members.
  • You are committed to making a difference as exemplified by leadership experiences, community engagement activities, and more.
  • You are able to commit to two semesters, with a monthly commitment of about one to two hours.

Remember, recruitment is open until February 2, 2024, but we encourage you to apply now!