We recently hosted our FIRST 1,000 Dreams Fund BroadcastHER Grant winners announcement for 2024, welcoming eight new grantees to the community! 

This is our sixth year to host this initiative, where we’ve now funded more than THREE HUNDRED dreams.

This grant specifically supports women and femme content creators across ALL platforms, including Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and more. 

As such, it provides financial assistance to help with expenses like travel to gaming conventions, educational conferences, hardware upgrades, and instructional programs related to creative or artistic pursuits.

Check out the replay of the video announcement here, which we streamed LIVE on our Twitch channel!


Here’s a little look at the goals, accomplishments, and dreams of our first set of grant recipients. We cannot wait to see what this group of aspirational streamers does next!

Artemisfrostt: I love building genuine connections and frequently host events that bring people together and encourage friendships to be made. 
Chelsealiz: My mission is to make the digital world kinder and more empathetic, spotlighting diverse and marginalized voices. 
Dageecheegamer: Since I started creating content, it has been my dream to see Black Women recognized in the gaming space as REAL gamers, hosts, casters, producers, writers and directors. That has been my mission.
Dawnyyawn: I want to continue to boost women who are creating content by hosting larger events and participating even more.
Knimbley: I have created a full community of fellow marginalized streamers by being myself! 
Meadow: My dream is to create groundbreaking content that brings theater to Twitch. 
Omglookkitty; I’m always trying my best to be a pillar in my community to help anyone else who is trying to make a name for themselves. 
xlilchaosx: Through my content and platform, I hope to uplift and empower women, encouraging them to pursue their passions and dreams fearlessly. 

Congratulations again to these eight winners, each of whom receive a grant of $500 to $1,500!

Remember: Our BroadcastHER Grant will be funded on a rolling basis in 2024, so you can still apply to be considered! Have an important event over the summer? Interested in applying for a tournament prize pool? Or have other exciting ways you want to use the BroadcastHER Grant? Be sure to apply!

To learn more about 1,000 Dreams Fund and how you can support our work to fuel the deserving dreams of talented women, click here.