Announcing our 1,000 Dreams Scholarship Fund 2023 Winners!

It’s that time of the summer, where we get to introduce you to a new class of very deserving 1,000 Dreams Scholarship Fund recipients.

Just like every year, we are so inspired by our 2023 winners who have so many inspiring dreams for college and beyond.

As our flagship scholarship program, the 1,000 Dreams Scholarship Fund is focused on providing critical funds to help fuel the dreams of talented women in need by supporting extracurricular costs and expenses that often go un-funded.

Each winner receives a $1,000 micro-grant — which can be used for conferences, educational programs related to their field of study, and/or exam and application fees, textbooks, and more!

This group of students will be attending schools from across the country — and they represent a variety of backgrounds and career goals. They are passionate about their dreams and about making a difference in their communities and beyond.

So, without further ado, let’s say hello to our winners — and check out the esteemed colleges they’re planning to attend!

Alejandra Guerrero – University of Texas at Austin

My goal is to become a certified Physical Assistant to give back to my community and help mitigate the effect of healthcare inequity.

Anna Kove – University of California, Los Angeles

I want to be a medical professional, specifically an anesthesiologist, and open my own practice.

Aqsa Ashraf – University of Maryland (College Park)

I want to be an electrical engineer.

Dalitso Mseteka – Oakwood University

I want to work as an actuary

Daria Startseva – Florida Atlantic University

I want to teach the wonderful world of languages to children and youth from various backgrounds.

Isabella Melians – Ohio State University

My dream is to work as a forensic psychiatrist to advocate for mental health awareness and treatment of convicted members of underrepresented communities.

Kendall R. – Hampton University

My dream is to be a developmental psychologist — with an objective to enhance the well-being of children and families.

Lina Lin – Yale University

I aspire to become a visionary social impact entrepreneur, policymaker, and philanthropist committed to advancing key global issues.

Myashgaa M. – University of Northwestern – St. Paul

My dream is to become a well-trained English teacher for people who want to learn English as an additional language.

Patience M. – University of Minnesota Law School

My goal is to influence and create policy that enhances the outcomes of all clients — especially the indigent and marginalized.

If you’re curious how we select the winners each year, we rely on the members of our 1DF Student Advisory Board who review each and every application to help make our final funding decision. 

Not only does our student committee consider academic, personal achievements and financial need, but they also focus on the career goals of the applicants and how our funds can help them get one big step closer to it.

From everyone at 1,000 Dreams Fund, a big CONGRATS again to our winners!