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You can be the next beneficiary of 1,000 Dreams Fund

1,000 Dreams Fund provides scholarships, mentors and other life-changing resources to young women across the country pursuing all types of awesome, challenging, empowering professional dreams. From future doctors or lawyers to aspiring UN ambassadors, our applicants are highly-motivated leaders in the making.

If you have a career goal that inspires, drives and even scares you, you may be the perfect fit for one of our 1,000 Dreams Fund programs!

“I used the grant I received from 1,000 Dreams Fund to help fund my plane ticket expenses for studying abroad. One round trip ticket to Bishkek costs upwards of $2,000. My dream is to help with international issues. Unless I have significant time in a foreign country, Kyrgyzstan, and learning a foreign language, Russian, I would be ill-equipped to meet that goal.”

Ashlie - College Graduate and 1,000 Dreams Fund Scholarship Recipient

The Next Dream We Support Could Be Yours. Learn More About Our Different Programs Below!

1,000 Dreams Scholarship Fund

The 1,000 Dreams Scholarship Fund provides assistance for educational conferences, instructional programs, graduate exam application fees, and textbooks. This scholarship is applicable for any female students attending high school or any two/four year college and university classes in the US, where anyone who demonstrates the proper need for financial assistance can apply.

Student Advisory Board

Come join us at the Student Advisory Board for an amazing chance to help women in the US achieve their dreams. We are looking for anyone who is active online, has good communication skills, and has a passion and commitment to helping young women accomplish their dreams. By joining this community you will also get access to exclusive benefits such as a special status call for board members only, publishing opportunities, access to our professional advisory board, and more!

Student Membership Program

1,000 Dreams Fund facilitates innovative programs that help talented young women across the country develop their educational and professional interests and skills. If you have a passion and dream for helping young women across the US then join our amazing team making up the Student Advisory Board!

BroadcastHER Initiative

The 1,000 Dreams Fund's BroadcastHER Initiative is dedicated to supporting talented women & femmes in a variety of industries. We have a variety of programs that support women in fields related to content-creation, gaming, esports, and more! These programs and podcasts help get well-deserving women known!

Project: Girls On The Rise

The Project: Girls On The Rise (PGOTR) is a program hosted by the 1,000 Dreams Fund that seeks to provide the financial support necessary for the next generation of girls who are seeking advanced education. Thousands of girls who are at a financial disadvantage are being left out of amazing educational opportunities–help us be the ones to make the difference!

New Face of Tech Scholarship Program

Join us as we collaborate with HARMAN (a subsidiary owned by Samsung) each year to help young women further their careers in STEAM. Our New Face of Tech Scholarship Program is dedicated to helping women early in their tech careers in order to achieve full equality. This program has granted over $16,000 since its creation in 2017–help us make a difference.

Paliwal Club of 100

1,000 Dreams Fund and the Paliwal Club are joining forces in a scholarship initiative that is directed towards supporting gender equality in the fields of STEAM and music. The program is split into two parts: The Paliwal Club of 100 Steam Scholars Fund, directed towards supporting young women to help with expenses related to research and educational costs, and the Paliwal Club of 100 Music Scholars Fund, directed towards furthering young women in the music industry.

MentorHER Initiative

The goal of the MentorHER Initiative is to create 1:1, 60-minute virtual mentoring sessions for young women. This initiative pairs mentors and mentees in the perfect match to help make a difference by providing professional advancement for young women. Join us as we help mentor the next generation of talented young women!

JBL Quantum Grant with 1,000 Dreams Fund

This program is a collaboration between JBL and 1,000 Dreams Fund to help women get started in the career of gaming and esports. It works by identifying women interested in the careers of gaming and esports, and then helping them further their passions. The JBL Quantum Grant is yet another way that we are celebrating our ongoing commitment to funding and spotlighting the talented young women with big dreams in gaming and esports.