Making a big difference
Empowering girls with scholarships, funding, mentorships, and more

1,000 Dreams is our bold goal to fund 1,000 girls nationwide with scholarship funding.

There are more than 20 million high school and college-age girls in the U.S., each of whom has her own hopes and dreams. But with parents’ limited expendable income and the high cost of college, these dreams can be out of reach. The 1,000 Dreams Fund’s model is to empower YOU to change that. What’s your big dream? The next dream we help fund could be yours.

Apply today to have your dream funded by the 1,000 Dreams Fund or help a young woman go for her dreams by supporting us with a donation!

1DF provides educational assistance for currently enrolled high school or college-aged women for these type of needs:

Conferences / Training

College / Graduate School Exam Fees

Tutoring Services

Technology / Books for School


We have multiple programs that provide young women with $1,000 grants to fund what they tell us is necessary. Over and over we have seen this small effort make big changes in young women’s lives.

College Readiness Program

We believe that everyone should have the access they need to attend their “best fit” college. Our programs help to ensure that income or circumstance is not holding high school girls back from success.

Workplace Readiness Programming

Achievement and advancement in the workplace rely on a lot of factors beyond merit and skill. Our workplace readiness programs help young women answer the questions and build the networks they need to grow their careers.

Pipeline Programs

For women who are interested in a men-dominated field, the barriers to entry can be stifling. Our various pipeline programs help open doors and introduce young women to their field of choice.