Our "State of the American Girl™" Research

“Understanding the Biggest Challenges Facing Young American Women Today – And Finding Real Solutions”

1,000 Dreams Fund is committed to understanding the biggest challenges facing young women in the U.S. today across these four big topics: Career, Finance, Education & Diversity. We all know that just in the past decade, women have made unprecedented strides in these areas. But what comes next? What milestones can we expect from millennial and Gen Z girls — and how do we help them get there? And how do these challenges change when seen through the lens of race and ethnicity?

Our goal with the “State of the American Girl™” series of surveys and reports is to uncover the essential facts, figures and anecdotes that help inform effective public policy initiatives, hiring practices, education and opportunities to help the advancement of young American women.


Hidden Costs of College Report – Fall 2017

In this report, we aim to shed light on the lesser-known financial obstacles that students, especially young women, face in pursuing higher education and how those challenges affect their careers and finances after graduation.