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BroadcastHER LIVE!

BroadcastHER LIVE! is our monthly podcast on the 1,000 Dreams Fund Twitch Channel. Each month, the topics and guests change, but one thing remains the same — all shows aim to empower and help the women we serve achieve their goals and dreams in gaming.

Each year, we seek a new host for the podcast, allowing a member within our BroadcastHER Community to take the role. We had such fun with our 2019 host @MiladyConfetti, a BroadcastHER Academy recipient, and our 2020 host @LuxieGames! However, we congratulate @breadwitchery and @CallMeAzia on their position as our first ever co-hosts for 2021.

With the new year, @breadwitchery and @CallMeAzia are both accomplished women aligned folks in gaming and broadcasting — and they’ll be helping streamers reach their dreams in streaming through advice and interviews they will conduct as our hosts.



In 2021, @breadwitchery and @CallMeAzia will host a variety of shows that we will continue to update here:


Plus, check out these awesome shows for our BroadcastHER Community from 2019 & 2020 hosted by @MiladyConfetti & @LuxieGames:


Interested in hosting? We’ll be on the lookout again in 2022. Stay tuned and be sure to follow us on Twitch!

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