1DF Impact Story: BroadcastHER Student Scholarship winner Jae achieves big milestones in the gaming industry

It has been a couple of years since Jae or @JaedumGaming, 23, was awarded our BroadcastHER Student Scholarship. At that time, she was attending college and studying business — while pursuing her passion for gaming and entertaining her community.

Thanks to the support 1DF was able to provide through the scholarship, and she’s accomplished some big things in gaming lately, having achieved her degree and guest-starred on a recent episode of “Elevated,” presented by Progressive and HitPointOne, and powered by 1,000 Dreams Fund’s partners at Allied Esports.

The show celebrated new and emerging streamers and gamers to encourage discovery in the industry and elevate their stories. It also showed how experiences, like those afforded from 1DF, can help pave the path to success. Each episode featured interviews, special industry guests, and plenty of surprises, too.

“Elevated was very fun, but a little nerve-wracking because it was something I had never done before — especially with so many people watching!” says Jae. “My favorite part was when the special guest talked about how he liked my channel trailer. It really encouraged me, and I had a lot of people check it out afterwards!”

Lately, Jae has also been working on creating more videos and shorts for YouTube and TikTok while also collaborating on some streams for charity. She’s also very much continuing her overarching goal of fostering safe places where people can express who they are and what they want to be. 

That’s because she knows firsthand how important it is to pay attention to those who have major potential, but do not have a platform to show the world what they can do and be.

Congratulations, Jae, on your continued progress toward your dreams!

“Right now, I’m most proud of being able to finish college. Because of my situation, I never thought I would be able to do this at all, much less do it well. I’m so grateful to 1DF for supporting my educational journey and helping me get my associate degree.” -@JaedumGaming