1,000 Dreams to 1,000 Realities: Help us make more dreams come true in 2019!

“Empowerment” is a great buzzword. But here’s the truth: Without funding to back it up, it’s just a buzzword — a feel-good idea with no power behind it.

1,000 Dreams Fund doesn’t toss around words just to peak interest. We put that idea of empowerment into real action, providing the money and support girls need to make critical decisions about their future.


Young women of all economic statuses know that a higher education is non-negotiable in order to pursue their biggest career dreams. We’ve gotten to know these girls well: They’re not looking for a paycheck, they’re pursuing a passion, be it in medicine, art, tech or science.

There are plenty of scholarship programs out there. Nearly all are designed to offset the costs of the college basics: Room/board/tuition.

Incoming students know that college isn’t cheap.  They know about tuition, room, board, textbooks — all the obvious price pain points.  But it’s the hidden fees that unexpectedly bite college students. They’re costs that students and parents alike usually don’t realize they needed to budget for. Moving costs. Furnishing bare-bones dorm rooms. Actually, let’s back it up: Before even stepping foot on campus, there are test prep costs. Then there’s the price of physically visiting campuses, a fundamental step in the process that many girls are forced to skip, especially when the visits require a plane fare. Without a real campus visit, it’s difficult for them to know if they’ll fit in well with the culture, the community, the curriculars. Many young women simply can’t afford to visit prospective college choices, and the wrong choice can have life-altering effects.

Then there’s school itself. Once she’s in, will they be able to afford to accept an unpaid internship to be considered for a desirable job once they graduate?  (It’d be nice if all internships were paid. They’re not.) Declining such opportunities can leave one student behind while another barrels ahead. Can she afford to study abroad for a year?  Once considered a luxury, that year abroad is now often seen as a prerequisite to appear competitive in many career fields.

The list goes on. So how are all these “hidden” basics funded? In short, they often just aren’t. Many American families simply can’t afford to cover them.

That’s where 1,000 Dreams Fund steps in.  We fund micro grants to young women to help them fulfill their dreams of higher education. Some are tiny grants, like when we award $250 to pay for a college preparatory exam class. Some are more substantial.  A $2,000 award to fund a college visit prior to enrollment helps to assure that proper student/college match.

Take Mia, for instance. An aspiring pediatrician, Mia dreamed of attending a school with an excellent medical program, but she had no means of visiting universities outside of her hometown.

With a grant from 1,000 Dreams Fund, Mia had the otherwise unattainable opportunity to visit distant colleges, allowing her the same in-depth experience that more financially fortunate high schoolers enjoy before selecting a university. “You can like a college from what you see online, but actually being there, and seeing what goes on, helps you find the best place to pursue your dream,” she told us.

There are hundreds of stories from girls just like Mia, young women who have been helped by the 1000 Dreams Fund. Strong, capable, smart, sassy, and ready to take on the world – but they just need a little help to make that happen.

Today we invite you to join us to help make more of these dreams realities for our students with the launch of our 1,000 Dreams to 1,000 Realities fundraiser.

When you donate to 1,000 Dreams Fund, you know exactly where your money is going. It’s going to girls like Mia. It’s going to girls intently pursuing career goals that will enhance not only their own lives, but those of everyone around them.

If you’d like to know more about our project and the young women we help, click here.  To add your support for these most deserving young women, click here. Let’s not just talk about “empowerment.” Let’s actually do it.

Christie Garton
Founder & CEO