1,000 Dreams Fund’s ‘Streams for Dreams’ Fundraiser with Twitch Women’s Unity Guild in Honor of Women’s History Month Was a Huge Success!

Our theme for March — Women’s History Month 2024! — is “Dare to Dream.” And we kicked off our annual, month-long Streams for Dreams Twitch Charity Fundraiser, in a jam-packed fundraising event from Friday, March 1 – Sunday, March 3.

And it was a DREAM come true! We raised more than $20,000 in ONE WEEKEND thanks to the Twitch Women’s Unity Guild and our amazing community of fundraisers and supporters! 

This first-of-its-kind collaboration with Twitch Women’s Unity Guild — a Twitch-sponsored and funded initiative with the purpose of creating safe spaces for marginalized creators on the platform — went off with a bang!

Our ultimate goal? To garner funds to support our BroadcastHER Initiative, which was created for women and femmes in content creation. Our BroadcastHER Grant awards up to $1,500 to support these creators by funding things like hardware upgrades, equipment, or travel to conventions. (Our BroadcastHER Grant applications will open later in Spring 2024!)

Plus, we’re so excited to share that at least 50% of all grants raised during Streams For Dreams in March will be granted out to Twitch Women’s Unity Guild members this spring to help them attend TwitchCon 2024!

During the fundraiser, we had such an engaging mix of talent, like the one and only @NurseHuckleberry who gave us a VERY special talent show and had TWO DONATION MATCHES happen LIVE (shoutout to Gnare)! 


We also danced during surprise @VelvetASMR DJ sets — all in the name of making dreams come true!


And we shared some laughs when incentives and milestones were redeemed — karaoke with @Saiphe anyone?! 


“Our collaboration with the Twitch Women’s Guild on this important fundraiser event has opened doors to give back to the creator and streaming community like no other,” says BroadcastHER Project Manager, Kayla Cooper. 

We shared HYPE (and tears) in chat when Guild members crushed their goals, like @NinePointFive reaching $1,000 funded! 


“It only made sense for the Twitch Women’s Guild and 1,000 Dreams Fund to come together for this groundbreaking event,” says @CocoConfession, Twitch Women’s Guild Leader. “We share the same values and goals, which is to uplift and amplify femme voices in the content creation space and help them thrive in traditionally male-dominated spaces.”

We also celebrated reaching over FOUR TIMES the goal with guild members like @jenisonline!


“This is one of the most exciting brand partnerships I’ve seen to date!,” says Twitch Women’s Unity Guild leader @ChelseaBytes. “We are so proud to help support our fellow streamers and help them along their creative journey.”

A very special shoutout to all the Guild members and leaders like @ChelseaBytes and @CocoConfession for making this happen. This would not have been possible without you! 


And a massive thank you goes out to all of the Twitch Women’s Guild, Twitch Black Unity Guild, Twitch Latin Unity Guild members, & everyone who helped make this event happen! It’s not too late to help us support our BroadcastHER Grant. Our stretch goal for the month is $30K and we are daring to dream that we can get there with the support of this incredible community.