1,000 Dreams Fund’s Project: Girls on the Rise is now accepting applications for 2022-2023!

Choosing the right college is a tall order — we get it! 

It can feel overwhelming — and it can also be financially prohibitive to visit schools and really understand what it would be like to be a student on campus.

That is where 1,000 Dreams Fund’s Project: Girls On The Rise (PGOTR) program comes in!

The program provides each Girl On The Rise with a $1,000 micro-grant for her critical campus visits and other college-bound expenses. PGOTR funds women from across the country, but only currently enrolled high-school juniors and seniors who identify as women are eligible.

Some of these college-bound expenses, in addition to the campus visit, might include SAT/ACT test prep fees, college application fees, and technology investments. 

Since 2016, this academic year-long program has been helping young women with bright minds and bright futures have the resources to find their perfect school and thrive!

PGOTR grantees will be selected and announced in the fall and will also benefit from year-long program support from 1DF, including workshops and college-aged mentors from our Student Advisory Board members. 

Learn more about PGOTR and all of our programs at 1000dreamsfund.org.