1,000 Dreams Fund’s MentorHER Workshop on Professional Branding was an Inspiration

Nearly 130 women and students  — high school, college, graduate school, and even recent graduates — joined 1,000 Dreams Fund for our incredible MentorHER Workshop on February 15, 2024. 

This virtual webinar allowed students to discover the secrets of building a strong personal brand and learn how to effectively showcase their skills and talents. 

Devin Carroll, the Director of Regional Marketing at Kendra Scott, was our special guest and brought a wealth of experience and insights from the world of marketing — and it was all nothing short of inspiring! We’re so grateful to Devin and to our moderator, Megan Coyle, a 1DF Junior Board member.

Here are some of the takeaways Devin shared during the workshop:

Networking for Internships 

  • Landing an internship can be challenging, but start with who you know and what you know and look for the void you can fill.
  • Use your inner circle to your advantage.

Preparing for the Interview

  • There’s a difference between not preparing for your interview and being nervous — and your interviewer can often tell which is which!
  • You need to treat each and every interview like the SAT or a final exam or an essay. Sit down with a calendar the month before your interview and plan out that prep so you are not cramming the night before.

Professional Connections 

  • LinkedIn is such a powerful tool. It’s a really great way to not only connect, but to follow. But don’t just follow to follow!
  • Figure out who your professional heroes are — and why. See what their journeys looked like — and even be so bold to ask for an informational interview. Everyone loves genuine flattery and everyone has 15 minutes to chat. Don’t be shy.

Building Your Personal Brand 

  • LinkedIn is fairly straightforward. Ensuring that your LinkedIn and your resume don’t look drastically different from what you exude on other social media channels or the internet — if someone were to search your name — isn’t as easy. It’s something to be mindful of.

The Q&A section was also incredible, thanks again to all our attendees and their meaningful engagement.

We’re so grateful to Colgate-Palmolive, our MentorHER title sponsor, and to Kendra Scott, a MentorHER partner for making all of this possible.

Our MentorHER Workshops are designed to empower and inspire young women by providing valuable insights and guidance from industry experts. Stay tuned for the next one! And don’t forget to sign up for our MentorHER Initiative and secure your spot for a life-changing mentorship.