1,000 Dreams Fund Made Dreams Come True At DreamHack Dallas 2024!

1,000 Dreams Fund joined bbjess on the mainstage of DreamHack Dallas to close out the weekend with a bang as part of the Dreamathon fundraiser. Also pictured: beneficiary MsPlaced and Leadership Council member Askesienne. Photo by @capturedbycaltran

Imagine a “magical realm where gamers from all walks of life unite under one gigantic roof, armed with their trusty keyboards, and fueled by an insatiable passion for pixels — where the glow of screens paints the air with a neon aura allowing you to experience, conquer, and share with newfound friends.”

Sounds pretty incredible, right?! It is a reality at DreamHack.

DreamHack Dallas 2024 was held from May 31-June 2 — and 1,000 Dreams Fund was there for all the digital delight.

The Dallas event was our FOURTH DreamHack (read more about our time at DreamHack Atlanta 2023 here!) — and we continue to be so honored to be included among the featured charities.

This time around, we took part in the Dream Big Initiative, where attendees could purchase discounted tickets AND contribute to charity. Fifty percent of ticket proceeds went right back to the charities all weekend long.

There was even a Dreamathon charity streaming marathon, where streamers from around the world joined forces to raise money and awareness of the charities at DreamHack Dallas — and 1,000 Dreams Fund had the opportunity to participate in the big marathon finale on the mainstage in front of more than 10,000 people.

1,000 Dreams Fund volunteer ChaotikMadness
1,000 Dreams Fund volunteer Just_Jaynie

For DreamHack Dallas, we brought along a few Dream Team members, including Jhannaa, Imfamousx1x, SemsLyfe, and MelaninAndEspressos. They not only helped at our booth and joined us on the mainstage, but they also contributed to our special panel: Bridging The Gender Gap.

Our Bridging The Gender Gap Panel included (left to right): Twitch Women’s Guild Co-Leader ChelseaBytes, JaharaJayde, Semslyfe, Jhannaa, Project Manager Kayla Cooper, and Imfamousx1x

Our Dream Team is dedicated to serving as exemplified leaders for women and folks in esports, gaming, broadcasting, and beyond through their support of the BroadcastHER Initiative, so we were thrilled to have them in the mix.

1,000 Dreams Fund volunteers at our table, wearing cowboy hats as part of the DreamHack Quest Line

As if that weren’t enough, 1,000 Dreams Fund even served as the “Sheriff’s Deputy” in the DreamHack Quest — a Wild West-themed activation that included a number of fun activities around the festival, side quests, prizes, rewards, and more! 

Our “mascot” for the weekend: the Sheriff’s Deputy as part of the DreamHack Quest Line

PLUS, we got the chance to meet SO MANY of YOU! Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth, we can’t wait to see you again!

DreamHack Dallas was nothing short of a DREAM come true!