1,000 Dreams Fund ElevateHER Awards Honorees Announced for 2023

1,000 Dreams Fund is built on the belief that big obstacles should never stand in the way of big dreams. While funding plays a critical role, there are countless individuals who are instrumental in helping young women make their dreams a reality.

To celebrate them, 1DF launched the ElevateHER Awards to recognize outstanding leaders who are championing women and serving as advocates for the advancement of women in the workplace and their communities.

Honorees were announced and celebrate at a breakfast ceremony at the JBL Stores Soho in New York City — and we’d love to introduce them to you!

We also asked each of them why it’s important to elevate women and how they work to do so — and have shared some of their insights.

Laura Comilla

Vice President and Head of Services Portfolio, Siemens Healthineers

Instead of just recognizing talent, I push open doors, provide the introductions, practice interviewing, polish up the pitch, and remind women to be courageous.”

Heather Garozzo

Founder & Executive Producer, Raidiant

“Nearly 50% of gamers are women and 30% of esports fans are women, yet only 8% of content creators are women and less than 1% of pro gamers are women. Women deserve to feel like they belong because they DO BELONG! Gaming is for everyone.”

Kelli Greenberg

Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company

“McKinsey’s 2023 “Women in the Workplace” report showed how critical it is for companies to invest meaningfully in creating inclusive and flexible workplace environments that foster women’s advancement and well-being.  I think women also need to make this commitment to each other and aim to reverse some of these troubling trends, where it is within our control to do so.  Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to have female sponsors and mentors provide me with guidance and step-up opportunities, and I feel a responsibility to pay that support forward to other women.”

Derek Heaslip

Senior Vice President and CFO for Wealth Management and the Office of the Chief Operating

Officer, TIAA

Paige Hegedus

Head of Partnerships, Tara Wilson Agency + Fierce Lab

“Elevating women is not just a matter of equality and fairness; it is also an investment in the overall well-being and prosperity of future generations. If we can continue to celebrate women, it will create a chain reaction to create a more inclusive and dynamic society.”

Priya Jagasia

Divisional Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, Abbott

“Elevating women isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do.  Women bring a unique set of skills, perspectives, and ideas to the table. It has been shown that women leaders help increase productivity, enhance collaboration, and inspire organizational commitment.”

Verta Maloney 

Co-Founder, the *gamehers and 45 Lemons

“Elevating women demonstrates that diverse perspectives and talents are not only valued but essential for innovation and success. As a Black woman, I know firsthand that when women see other women succeeding, thriving and being their truest selves, it encourages them to pursue their passions without limitations.

Funmi Oludaiye

Managing Director (Global Head of Engineering), Goldman Sachs

“Elevating women facilitates opportunities and creates possibilities for the next generation of women. I am passionate about playing a part in closing the gender and racial gaps in leadership and technology.”

We are so thrilled to recognize these leaders and change-makers! Stay tuned for when we open nominations for our 2024 ElevateHER Awards.