1,000 Dreams Fund Announces Twitch Women’s Guild BroadcastHER Grant Winners for 2024!

1,000 Dreams Fund’s incredible BroadcastHER Initiative, which funds women and femme content creators and gamers, has supported hundreds of dreams since the initiative’s launch in 2019 — and we have 20 new BroadcastHER Grant winners to welcome into the community!

Our BroadcastHER Grant program, created to specifically support women content creators who remain under-resourced, is funded by four fundraisers we run throughout the year in partnership with content creators. 

For the first time ever, we teamed up with Twitch Women’s Unity Guild, a Twitch-sponsored and funded initiative, during our Women’s History Month “Streams for Dreams” fundraiser. It was a huge success, raising over $37,000 for the grant program — and we just announced the winners for 2024! 

Let’s meet the winners, who are also Twitch Women’s Unity Guild members, and learn a little more about their goals and aspirations to elevate others in the broadcasting and content creation space.

Analog_amber – My main goal is to give back to others through charity work, education, and shared experience.
Cheesecake_EXE – I want to be a place where people can forget about the world a little. Even just for a moment.
Evils_presley – I strive to share a sense of belonging, making my streams accessible and welcoming to all with disabilities and/or marginalized identities.
Girlhero – I want to contribute creative resources to help streamers get started on their broadcasting journeys.
iamAlikat – I want to see people maximize their potential!
Katkashiii – My mission is to make femme gamers feel like they can be great and celebrated, regardless of the prejudice women receive in the gaming industry.
Kehnara – I am showing others that if I can do it, they can as well. They will find me in their DMs as their biggest cheerleader and guru.
Kelpsey – Advocating for the Twitch community at large is so important to me. I am passionate about the creator space and want the best for us!
LaLadyPanda – As a BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, plus size, femme presenting, disabled creator, I want to inspire others to go for their dreams like me.
LiveLoveTy – My goal in streaming has always been the same: to build a safe space for all.
Lydlbutton – I would love to move towards hosting panels to highlight especially other women in the space and how HILARIOUS they are.
Melaninqueenlay – Even though my goal is to become a fulltime content creator I want to be able to help others reach that goal, too.
MollyBerry – My goal is to be a role model and advocate for inclusivity, bridging the gap for marginalized people in the creator space.
Moohoodles – A main goal of my stream is to uplift women in STEM, and I aspire to inspire others to chase their dreams.
Sheilur – The content I create on Twitch is a bit more niche because I host “co-working” streams for people to be productive with me!
Thatsbreanna – I want to help elevate other black creators that want a place to express themselves.
TheMayhemMermaid – I hope to build more connections who I can collaborate with on my endeavors to uplift the importance of mental health, diversity and inclusion, and safe spaces in the Twitch sphere.
Tyy_Rex – I hope to inspire others to talk about their mental health and burnout so that those struggling don’t feel so alone.
Velvetasmr – My life goal is to help inspire anyone to dare pursue their dreams no matter how challenging it may seem.
WATCHHOLLIE – My primary goal in the content creation space is to serve as a catalyst for positive change and empowerment, particularly for individuals from underrepresented and marginalized communities.

Each of these hard-working content creators is receiving a grant of $500 to $1,500 from 1,000 Dreams Fund to help them attend TwitchCon 2024, which is in San Diego from September 20-22.

“Our collaboration with the Twitch Women’s Guild on this important 1,000 Dreams Fund fundraiser event was a huge success and we have all of the participating content creators to thank,” says BroadcastHER Project Manager, Kayla Cooper. “Collaboration has always been the key to our success in serving women in gaming and esports, and this partnership and winner announcement demonstrates the power of this strategy.”

From everyone at 1DF, congrats again to all of our winners and to everyone who applied. We were so inspired by all of the applications we received. If you missed the livestream announcement, you can check it out here: