1,000 Dreams Fund Announces Second Annual JBL Quantum Grant Winners

We were so excited to bring back our JBL Quantum Grant for a second year after an incredible inaugural year in 2021 — thanks to support from JBL!

Now, we’re even more thrilled to reveal the results of our five-week JBL Quantum Grant Challenge and announce our grant winners and changemakers!

As a quick reminder, our 25 winners receive an amazing prize package, including:

  • $1,500 grant
  • A JBL Quantum gaming headset for the ultimate competitive advantage
  • Potential additional pop-up opportunities

Let’s meet the 25 winners of the 2022 JBL Quantum Grant! Click on their names to discover more about each one of their unique stories and dreams — and what advice they have to share.

anarchyasf – “My dream is to work as a creative and see my vision carried out.”

Anya_Tekken – “My dream is to continue creating and competing while helping others.”

Athena_4lyfe – “My dream is to be an exceptional streamer, content creator, and competitor.”

camillapanda – “My dream is to help make esports a more welcoming place and inspire others to be themselves in this industry.”

cheyballa718 “My dream is to be a successful creator/streamer in the gaming industry.”

Ciarratonin – “My dream is to spread genuine love and laughter.”

coffeepeppers – “My dream is to be a content creator or the mind behind a new game.”

DaFemalePhenom – “My dream is to be a voice actor or character in a horror game.”

emmuhline – “My dream is to be on an esports team and compete professionally!”

kasperinthehat – “My dream is to have a career at the intersection of gaming and finance.”

KaylaaJay2– “My dream is to make a name for myself and do what I love for a job.”

lexyfps – “My dream is to compete at the top level in Overwatch 2.”

lil_chimchim_ – “My dream is to go into game development and programming.”

MsPinky313 – “My dream is to be a well-known producer of gaming shows.”

NessaMeowMeow – “My dream is to be a full-time trading card game content creator.” -“My dream is to be a social media manager or esports team manager.”

OhhMeggs -“My dream is to be a social media manager or esports team manager.”

pinkotters – “My dream is to be a concept character artist in the gaming industry.”

SakiSakuraTV – “My dream is to be an analyst for fighting games.”

SammySam – “My dream is to be a face of women in gaming.”

TopazTvee – “My dream is to get into the technical and production side of esports.”

vividlyorphic“My dream is to be a strong representation for women and create positive impact.”

xostacyftw – “My dream is to create opportunities for marginalized communities.”

YessyCake – “My dream is to provide a positive, equal environment for all.”

YsmeiraAurora – “My dream is to be a full-time streamer and start voice acting.”

ZoraTakochii – “My dream is to be a full-time content creator.”

Congrats again to these winners!