1,000 Dreams Fund Announces 24-Hour Streams For Dreams Fundraiser

You’re invited to help 1,000 Dreams Fund continue our commitment to elevating women in the digital broadcasting and gaming space with our 24-hour Streams For Dreams Fundraiser: Dreams Streams. All funds raised by broadcasters will go directly towards the Twitch Community via our BroadcastHER Grant. You will have a direct hand in helping make dreams of young women come true when supporting these fundraisers. This is our final call to action in our efforts during Women’s History Month, taking place March 30 at 12PM EST through March 31 at 12PM EST.

Opening the 24-hour event, Cosplayer and avid Video Game Fan, Stella Chuu will be hosting this month’s BroadcastHER LIVE. Promptly starting at 12PM EST, this interview-style broadcast will be taking place on 1,000 Dreams Fund’s Twitch featuring special guests, covering the BroadcastHER Academy Challenge, Women’s History Month, and kicking off the event

Twelve slots were filled throughout the 24 hours harboring a variety in content and talent, featuring broadcasters funded by the BroadcastHER Grant and BroadcastHER Academy. All of these ladies will be featured on the Twitch front page, bringing new audiences to their channels and increasing outreach. We invite our community to join us in rooting these women on as they fundraise for Streams For Dreams. You can find the official schedule below:

Time SlotTwitch Channel
Saturday, March 30: 12PM EST – 12:29PM EST@1000dreamsfund
Saturday, March 30: 12:30PM EST – 1:59PM EST@radpuppy
Saturday, March 30: 2PM EST – 3:59PM EST@radpuppy
Saturday, March 30: 4PM EST – 5:59PM EST@tammy_blackmedia
Saturday, March 30: 6PM EST – 7:59PM EST@seriahime
Saturday, March 30: 8PM EST – 9:59PM EST@obe_won
Saturday, March 30: 10PM EST – 11:59PM EST@mad_Bunnieee
Sunday, March 31: 12AM EST – 1:59AM EST@trickingloki
Sunday, March 31: 2AM EST – 3:59AM EST@ChelleRemedy
Sunday, March 31: 4AM EST – 5:59AM EST@RaineShadow
Sunday March 31: 6AM EST – 7:59AM EST@lara6683
Sunday, March 31: 8AM EST – 9:59AM EST@carrieswidecki
,Sunday March 31: 10AM EST – 11:59AM EST@miladyconfetti