In 2023, our New Face of Tech Scholarship Program returned for a Year 7 — in partnership with tech giant HARMAN — and it has been as fantastic as ever.

Our New Face of Tech Scholarship Program funds and fuels the aspirations of talented college women who are pursuing degrees in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math!). It’s specifically designed for those who dream of working across any and all facets of the tech industry.

Every application cycle, we continue to be so inspired by everyone who applies — and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to our 25 winners for 2023.

We’ve awarded our 25 New Face of Tech winners with this incredible list of things to fuel their dreams:

  • $1,500 scholarship
  • Career coaching sessions with HARMAN executives
  • JBL product

When it comes to our selection criteria, we base it on the quality of each person’s submission, including a demonstrated commitment to a career dream in tech and a clear vision for how winning the New Face of Tech program will help further accelerate their progress.

Here are our 25 winners for 2023!  We’re so inspired by what they’ve accomplished so far, and we can’t wait to see what they do next. 

Adedolapo A. | University of North Texas – Biomedical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics, Biology, and Chemistry

Becoming a biotechnologist is my current career ambition in technology.

Adriana G. | Texas A&M University – Technology Management with minors in Cybersecurity and Business

My career aspiration is to become a stalwart in the field of cybersecurity.

Deja G. | University of Akron –  Business Analytics – Information Systems

I want to ascend to a leadership role as an operations and analytics specialist, leveraging my expertise in business analytics – information systems and applying it to the dynamic world of gaming and technology.

Erika B. | University of Georgia – Biomedical Engineering Ph. D. student.

I am preparing for a research and development (R&D) position in the industry related to tissue engineering.

Eyimofe A. | Mississippi Valley State University – Computer Science and Mathematics.

I want to become a software developer because it’s all about solving real-world problems through technology.

Jendy R. | Stony Brook University – Computer Science

I want to become a user experience (UX) designer focused on creating intuitive and inclusive products that empower people.

Jillian A. | Albany State University – Computer Science

As the founder of HERide, my career goal in tech is to revolutionize the ride-share industry by creating safer, more inclusive solutions — particularly for women.

Kerri P. | CSUF – Psychology, Human Factors

My dream is to become a UX Researcher.

Kripa L. | Bryn Mawr College – Computer Science with minors in Mathematics and Data Science

I want to build an app for women.

Kyndra H. | University of Georgia – Biomedical Engineering

I aspire to work in the biomedical engineering field, developing breast cancer disease models for testing therapeutics.

Layla C. | Franklin & Marshall College – Business Entrepreneurship and Computer Science

I aspire to be a tech entrepreneur who creates assistive technologies for underserved communities.

Ligia A. | Brandeis University – Computer Science and Biology

My career goal in tech is to leverage machine learning models to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives.

Lisa K. | University of California, Berkeley – Master of Information Management and Systems

My dream is to become a technical product manager and a tech role model to women of color.

Lusangelis R. | Yale University – Neuroscience and Global Health Studies

I want to pursue a career at the intersection of neuroscience, technology, and global health to help make healthcare more accessible to migrant communities.

Maryam Y. | University of North Texas – Mechanical Engineering Technology

I want to work closely with cutting-edge technology that will help advance the manufacturing industry

Mina B. | University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – Neuroscience

I am an aspiring physician who wants to develop new technological tools to diagnose and treat diseases and help patients have a better healthcare experience.

Oluwaseun F. | University of Arkansas at Little Rock – Electrical Engineering /Telecommunications

My primary career goal is to contribute to the field of energy sustainability, with a particular emphasis on safety.

Oluwatoyin A. | University of Arkansas, Fayetteville – Agricultural Education, Communications, and Technology

I want to promote distinctive professional growth and development among women, youth, and children at all stages of their STEAM careers.

Perla F. | University of Michigan – Biomedical and Biomechanical Engineering

My goal is to create a system in which we can identify and edit tumor genes and put a stop on tumor growth and cancer development.

Regina A. | University of Michigan-Dearborn – Bioengineering and Mechanical Engineering

I want to utilize biotechnology to improve the movement and well-being of others.

Saumya B. | University of Colorado Boulder – Computer Science

I want to become a product manager at one of the top tech companies.

Stella M. | University of Arkansas, Little Rock – Information Science

I want to drive progress in the realms of artificial intelligence and data science, shaping innovative solutions for real-world challenges.

Teniola O. | Mississippi Valley State University – Computer Science and Mathematics

I aspire to be a software engineer.

Veronica S. | University of California, Los Angeles – Computer Science and Linguistics

I plan to pursue a software engineering role in order to strengthen my technical skills by working with software development.

Wynona L. | DePaul University – Data Science

Improving diversity in education and the workplace has always been a priority of mine.

On behalf of the 1,000 Dreams Fund team, a huge congrats again to our New Face of Tech winners for 2023! And thank you to everyone who applied. Your efforts are truly inspirational.