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It doesn’t take a whole lot to make a big difference.

Christie Garton, Founder and CEO of 1,000 Dreams Fund

1,000 Dreams Fund Story

1,000 Dreams Is Our Bold Goal To Empower 1,000 Girls Nationwide - & More!

There are more than 20 million high school and college-age girls in the U.S., and every single one is working toward a different goal. But with college costs rising and the price of extracurriculars lofty, those dreams can feel totally out of reach. But they’re not — and the 1,000 Dreams Fund is here to empower YOU to power on toward your greatest ambitions. Our intent with our microgrant model is to help fund those urgent needs with a small but mighty amount that can have a huge impact.

Fund HER: $735,000+

Microgrants and Scholarships that Fuel Her Educational Dreams

Mentor HER: 500+ Hours

1:1 Mentorship Sessions with Well-Matched Mentors

Hire HER: 1,000+ Reached

Experiential Learning Opportunities that Lead to Employment

1DF provides educational assistance for currently enrolled high school, college or graduate-level women for these type of needs:

Conferences / Training

College / Graduate School Exam Fees

Tutoring Services

Technology / Books for School

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